Tips For Becoming A Successful Event Planner

Event planning is a good career path if you know how to get started with it. Just like any other career, the early stages of this career can be pretty shaky, so you need to have another career or a financial backup until you’ve earned a reputation for it.

 First of all, you shouldn’t start a career in this field without prior experience with event handling. Therefore, start organizing events for your relatives or friends at work. This way you will know what it’s like to work under pressure and will be able to figure out as to what kind of event you are interested in planning. Specializing in a specific type of event can help you become a better planner. For example, if you are a wedding planner then you can focus on forming contacts with a large variety of wedding caterers, wedding bands Melbourne, venues and other places that are needed for a wedding. You would then be able to figure out which place provides the best rates and thus be able to adhere to your client’s capabilities and needs.

 Your contacts are the key

 This is the foundation for becoming a good event planner, how can you become an event planner if you don’t know the right vendors to book the necessary things? For example, if your client wants an acoustic band to play, it’s going to look bad if you can’t really think of any place that provides an acoustic duo for hire. Therefore, before you dive into this field, start looking for contacts. Volunteering for charity events or fundraisers can help you meet all kinds of people. You could also try volunteering for catering shops, florists or other organizations that help with event planning.

 By doing this, there’s also the possibility of meeting potential clients, make sure that you introduce yourself as an event planner at events and that you hand over your business cards.

 Work under a budget

 Once you form your contact-base, you should be able to form an idea about how much things can cost you. Remember that an event planner’s duty is not only to plan an event, but to also set the budget for an event. If you charge too much, then your client would find someone who would do it for a cheaper rate, and if you set the budget too low, you would end up having to put your own cash. You should also look into the quality of the service your contacts provide, after all the success of a party depends on its contents.

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